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What's next?

Posted on 2010.06.09 at 11:50
Lets start with A-kon, because that is easy. While at first there was some confusion on driving arrangements and such, everything got worked out. Sarah and her mom in one car and Anthony and I in another so when Sunday rolled around, we wouldn't be without a ride home from the wedding. Which thank god I took my car. Plus Anthonys car probably wouldn't have made it. lol. While slightly disappointed that tradition was broken and thinking about driving that many hours, I still enjoyed the drive. It went by quick. Surprisingly Anthony stayed awake the whole time and we had a good time chatting and listening to music.
Friday there was alright. Just wondered around the con. Not really a whole lot going on. But it was so nice being there none-the-less. Friends and no work, what more could I ask for??
The band there was absolutely awful! lol. We had a good time making fun of them though! Sad times when there isn't a good band to listen to. That is one of the main reasons for me going! Not that there are not other fun things to do.
Saturday was fun. There was an H.Naoto panel. Not the most exciting thing. But I did learn some fun information. I hated the booth being there. I mean, I loved it because I love their clothes. But they were still so far out of my price range! T-T I hate being poor!! I did invest in a small Hangry keychain though. Yay! Also later that day I bought a really cute Hello Kitty shirt. That and a couple of pins for my sbux hat and that was it for me spending money. That was kind a relief. There wasn't really a lot I liked this year. Less and less tNBC stuff every year. Oh well. I was also very excited to play Battle Tech again!! Especially since I didn't get last and Anthony did. YAY THIRD PLACE. lol. That and hanging out with friends was about it for the weekend.
Not the most exciting A-kon, but I still had a good time.
Had to leave early Sunday to get to Danay & Craigs wedding. Sarah ended up bailing and Anthony couldn't join me because he didn't expect to so he didn't have clothes for it. It was a nice wedding. Small, short, kind of casual. The actual wedding was outside. Luckily they supplied us with fans. The reception was really easy going. Ran into people from school. Not my favourite thing, but it wasn't too bad and I was excited to tell them I will probably never see any of them again XDD I'm awful sometimes. Best wishes to Danay & Craig. I love them both so much!

Not much else going on really. Lots of work. Going to San An tomorrow for my braces.

Still working on turning everything in for my ticket. I plan on doing that today actually.

Still lots of financial stuff to work out for College. Ugh. I am really not good with all this! Wish I had someone to do it all for me. I don't even really have help. My mom gives me "I don't know" "Ask your counselor" etc. Sigh. I really wish I didn't feel so alone in all this sometimes! I really get sick of trying to figure out everything on my own. But I suppose it is what makes me stronger. But also really confused and stressed out most of the time!!
NY is so close and yet it feels like forever till I will be there. Especially since orientation is Sept 3 and not Aug 28 like I thought. Just hearing September makes it seem longer!! As much as I am enjoying my friends it is tempting to make a temporary move up north somewhere considering I know people in VA, DC, and MD. Seems silly to move for a couple of months just to move again and I would like to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. But at the same time I want out of here so bad!! I am getting impatient.

Lots of other random thoughts going through my head lately about friends, family, and my future. Well, future family and friends wise. lol. Not sure how much detail I really feel like going into. I see my future being very alone. Not that I fear that or have a problem with it. I just can't see myself getting married. It is an odd thought I feel like sometimes since society and history show lots and lots of marriage. Yet I can't help but picture myself lost in my job. Not that I won't go on dates and such. But marriage is just a giant "I don't know" I get this feeling that God will play some sort of cruel trick on me; That I will find Mr. Right and be so happy and head over heels in love, etc, etc....and then he will want kids. Ugh. How miserable would that be? That would be my luck. Eh. It is whatever.
I am really just excited at the moment to be going to an awesome school and getting a start on my career. No need to worry about things that haven't happened and that I had no real idea on.
There are more things scrambling around in my head but I am starting to feel lazy again and don't feel like continuing this update. Maybe another time soon.

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